Ami = Me

Facts About Me

I am an All American Desi – 1.5 Gen Indian {Subcontinent} girl living in Durham NC. I have a halfie baby since I didn’t marry an Indian guy and we have multicultural-multiracial family.

I blog about all my India and Subcontinent related hobbies at Love Suhana

I celebrate Diwali and Christmas. And always Thanksgiving.

I am a complete foodie and I got lucky enough to marry a person with diverse food tastes. My kiddo however is a Chicken Nuggets kinda guy but we are working on his palate.

I  have a very very very bad dog. Did I mention she is bad?

I love to travel and I’m lucky enough that my current gig makes it very easy for me to travel to some fun places. I visited Costa Rica in 2014 which was a dream of mine. I am looking forward to England next.

My son is the love of my life. He is the main reason I do all the things I do

I love photography, cooking, good design, forever21,  octopuses,  vintage tee shirts,  vintage children’s books especially ones that are british, vintage british murder mysteries, croissants, shot glasses, Jameson, Barney Stinson, scrapbooking, white water rafting, beaches, chocolate, a crisp sauvignon bland, bollywood, and dance parties.



7 thoughts on “Ami = Me

  1. Yea! New about me, new header, new yellow color (love it by the way!). I’m happy to report I knew almost everything here. That’s what I get for knowing your for 12+ years.

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